Your dollars hard at work: 2016 Overseas Allocations Impact Areas.
Your gift touches thousands of Jewish lives Overseas

AFULA: $30,448

Rape Crisis Center: $7,948

General programming Funds.



ORT Beit Siner Youth Village: $7,500

Afterschool activites for children from the Afula-Gilboa region.


Partnership 2gether: $15,000

General programming funds for Partnership 2gether Program. The Afula-Gilboa partnership has been in existance since 1994. It is comprised of several federations that make up teh Southern New England Consortium (SNEC).


OVERSEAS: $130,781

JDC/Ethiopia Health Initiative: $22,500

This allocation was raised in part thanks to the generosity of donors at UJF's Annual Soiree. This funding provides for one life-saving surgical operation organized by Dr. Rick Hodes.



JDC/Resilience in Europe: $30,000

Funding for security initiatives and community outreach in at-risk communities including France and Ukraine.


JDC Core Funding: $48,781

JDC/Camp Szarvas: $21,000

UJF provides 30 children with full scholarships to attend a life-changing summer camp experience. Jewish children from over 20 countries attend Camp Szarvas in Hungary



World ORT/Technical Schools of FSU: $8,000

World ORT maintains schools throughout the Former Soviet Union which provides a first-class education and some students only a glimpse of Jewish life.


ISRAEL: $132,204

Nativ: $18,000

The Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) pays for and manages Jewish life programs for unaffiliated lone soldiers and emigres to help them better integrate into Israeli society.



MASA: $25,000

This impactful JAFI program sends Jewish young adults to Israel for an extended period of time including work internships and long-term immersions


Pluralism Initiatives: $30,000

Prime Minister Netanyahu continues to task JAFI with leading coordinated efforts to promote pluralism in Israel. These initiatives come with training, marketing, and staff costs which our funding helps defray.


Jewish Agency for Israel Core Funding: $55,204

The Jewish Agency cultivates meaningful engagement with Israel and facilitates aliyah. As the Jewish world's first responder, The Jewish Agency addresses emergencies in Israel and rescues Jews from countries where they are at risk.