Young Leadership Division (YLD)



YLD provides Jewish men and women, 45 and under, opportunities to meet new people and network, support Israel, and involve their families in Jewish life locally and around the world.

Find your fit in our community throughout the year with our special interest groups. Volunteer with YLD while learning about our local agencies; Join us for family programming and connect to other Jews in the broader community. Take advantage of leadership development opportunities and community resources. Or have a cup of coffee with one of our staff to learn more or get involved.

Our goal is to create a community that fits you!






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Young Leadership Board


YLD President   

Emily Wirgin  


Young Leadership Board   

Sarah Breiner

Amy Davidson

Taly Farber

Robin Fischel

Eli Freedberg

Lori Gilbert

Arielle Krause

Remi Rosenberg

Lael Shapiro

Jim Cohen

Sharon Franklin

Rebekah Raz


Immediate Past President

Amanda Shapiro


Staff Contact

Sharon Franklin